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Your smile says a lot about you and your self-image, whether it's at work or in your social life. With good, sensible dental care from Northland Village Dental Centre, coupled with healthy dental habits, you can retain your natural teeth for a lifetime. Located in Calgary, our practice is dedicated to helping you keep your smile bright. We also offer cosmetic procedures, from replacing missing teeth to simple teeth whitening. Contact us today!

Quality Dentistry Using Modern Techniques

Our dentists keep up with the latest technology and techniques in the field in order to better serve our patients. We offer a variety of patient consults as well, which means we can keep you informed about the procedures we have available and the options you can choose from based on your dental and financial needs.

We are committed to:

  • Providing the professional and kindly dental services that you expect for what you expect to pay
  • Delivering the finished dental services well within the allotted time
  • Using new and updated materials and techniques
  • Charging fees that reflect costs and a reasonable wage, making our services economical to our customers by supplying value rather than by cutting corners

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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