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Root Canal Treatments for Infected Teeth in Calgary

When your tooth becomes infected due to cavities or cracks, a root canal eases the pain and makes your mouth healthy again. Come to Northland Village Dental Centre for routine oral care and a root canal in Calgary. We accept new patients.

Understand Root Canals

Each tooth has a tissue-filled space inside called the pulp. This pulp is sensitive, and it becomes infected when bacteria eat through a tooth's enamel and affect the tissues within. When this happens, you need a root canal to remove the affected pulp and seal the tooth again.

To schedule a root canal in Calgary, call Dr. Lu and his staff using the number below. Here's what you can expect from the procedure:

Dr. Lu will create an opening in your tooth to access the infected or decaying pulp. He will remove the tissue and sanitize the inside of your tooth to prevent further decay and possible tooth loss. He will then fill the space with a permanent material called gutta-percha to keep the tooth healthy and intact.

Then Dr. Lu will seal the opening. In some cases, he’ll insert a post for extra support. Afterwards, he’ll cement a new crown onto the rebuilt tooth to create a full smile.

Get a More Comfortable Root Canal

Many patients feel nervous before a root canal, which is completely normal. This procedure may have a bad reputation for its pain and difficulty—but with new techniques and tools, modern root canal treatments are faster and more comfortable than ever before.

Trust in Northland Village Dental Centre

Let us help you eliminate infection with a root canal in Calgary. We want to help you keep your teeth healthy—and our staff members speak multiple languages to aid in this process. Contact us at 403-255-6688 to schedule a consultation today.

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